Corporate Structure

Since 2003, BSG Resources Ltd (BSGR), the shareholder of Koidu Limited S.A. (Societe Anonyme), through BSG Diamonds Ltd, has invested over $300 million into the development of the Company and the upliftment of our communities.

Inspired by the success of the Koidu and Tonguma operations, a major restructuring exercise was initiated towards the end of 2011 to enable the group to invest in other exploration and development opportunities in Sierra Leone and to attract financing partners for the injection of a further anticipated $600 million to $1 billion into the country’s mining sector.

BSG Diamonds was renamed OCTÉA Ltd to reflect and honour the spectacular quality of the abundant octahedral diamonds characteristic of the diamond deposits in Sierra Leone. Four wholly owned subsidiaries of OCTÉA Ltd were established namely: OCTÉA Mining Ltd, OCTÉA Diamonds Ltd, OCTÉA Services Ltd and the OCTÉA Foundation.

OCTÉA Mining Ltd now owns the mining assets of the group, including the Koidu Kimberlite Project held by Koidu Ltd (previously named Koidu Limited S.A.) and the Tonguma Project held by Tonguma Ltd. 

Koidu Limited' relationship with BSGR Diamonds and BSGR Resources.