Growth Strategy

Koidu Limited is a young company, not only in age but also in attitude. Management is dynamic and forward thinking, willing to try new approaches and implement difficult but achievable targets – we like a challenge.

As the Expansion Project rolls out and resources are focussed on implementing the project on time and on budget, we are also planning ahead for after the Expansion Project is at steady state.

The next project on our radar (to-do list) is the Tonguma Project. The feasibility study has commenced for the underground mining operation.

Our ambition is to have built two world class mining operations in Sierra Leone within 10 years. We are also looking beyond the Tonguma Project and considering other opportunities in Sierra Leone, continuing to grow as a Company that our host country, Sierra Leone, will be proud of, that our communities will feel part of and that the world will recognise as an outstanding example of a good business that adds value to the economy, and improves the quality of life for many.