Water for Life

With an estimated annual mean rainfall of 2,526 mm, Sierra Leone is one of the most water rich countries in West Africa. In spite of this abundant water supply, only a limited percentage of the country’s population has access to safe drinking water. According to the UNDP (2011), of the 75% (4 million) of the country’s population, which resides in the rural area, only 2% has access to safe drinking water. The rest depend on other unsafe sources such as rivers, streams, wells and standing water bodies for water supply. Hence, the high prevalence of water borne diseases like cholera, typhoid and diarrhoea in the country.

Bearing in mind the threat these diseases pose to the lives of the people, Koidu Limited has taken upon itself to provide the resettled community with safe drinking water, free of charge. At the moment, it is the only community in Koidu and the region with access to pipe borne water. The water, which was tested and certified by the Sierra Leone Water Company (SALWACO), is sourced from an 80m deep borehole using a reticulation system that pumps the water to a reservoir from which it is distributed to the various standing pipes within the community.