Career Development

Almost more than the economic resource, it is the human resource that holds the key to the success of a mining company. Beyond merely acknowledging this, Koidu Limited has bought wholesale into this philosophy and has sought to make it the foundation of our strategic policy.

Since the inception of operations in 2003, we have made the development of our human resources, at every level, a top priority. Today, some of our people at middle level management are Sierra Leoneans who were originally recruited as assistants, labourers or security guards, demonstrating the career progression opportunities within Koidu Limited and our willingness to invest in the training and development of our employees.

Training is not only important for the personal development of our human resources, but also to ensure that international best practices are adhered to and that safety is continually front and foremost in the minds of all our employees.

Interviews with Trainees

ADT operator talks about training received in Sweden and the long term opportunities the skills have brought.
Assistant Admin Supervisor talks about the overall scope of training and skills which local people have received.
The Excavator Operator Acting Foreman talks about the value in continual skills development.