Employee Health & Safety

We cultivate a culture of hard work and personal discipline, being accountable for one’s actions and mindful of the needs and safety of others.

Our workforce has embraced our safety policies and procedures, which have evolved as the focus of operations has changed from exploration, bulk sampling and vertical pit mining, to the current open pit mining operations.

In preparation for the underground mining scheduled for 2015 at the Koidu Kimberlite Project, and later at the Tonguma Project, specific underground mining health and safety policies are being formulated.

To maintain a productive workforce, it is important that all our employees, especially those operating at the rock face, are fit and healthy and are provided with the knowledge and equipment to operate safely. To achieve this, the company instituted training programmes and a feeding scheme in 2003, for all employees. Before a shift begins, all staff are provided with a hearty meal that will sustain them over their 8 hours of work. Being well nourished, able to concentrate on the job at hand, remain alert to risks and focussed on preventing injuries, to themselves and fellow workers, the Koidu workforce has developed an impressive safety record.