Employee Health & Safety

We cultivate a culture of hard work and personal discipline, being accountable for one’s actions and mindful of the needs and safety of others.

Our workforce has embraced our safety policies and procedures, which have evolved as the focus of operations has changed from exploration, bulk sampling and vertical pit mining, to the current open pit mining operations.

In preparation for the underground mining scheduled for 2015 at the Koidu Kimberlite Project, and later at the Tonguma Project, specific underground mining health and safety policies are being formulated.

To maintain a productive workforce, it is important that all our employees, especially those operating at the rock face, are fit and healthy and are provided with the knowledge and equipment to operate safely. To achieve this, the company instituted training programmes and a feeding scheme in 2003, for all employees. Before a shift begins, all staff are provided with a hearty meal that will sustain them over their 8 hours of work. Being well nourished, able to concentrate on the job at hand, remain alert to risks and focussed on preventing injuries, to themselves and fellow workers, the Koidu workforce has developed an impressive safety record.

Paul Morsay, a driver, talks about blasting safety procedures.
Sahr Morquee talks about the importance of safety induction.

Koidu Limited is committed to providing a work environment that is conducive to the safety and health of its employees in all its operations. The Company is committed to the achievement of a zero harm working environment. The Company's Executive, management and all supervisors are accountable and responsible for creating and maintaining a culture of safety and health, ensuring that this policy, and all Company procedures and standards are properly implemented and managed in every aspect of the operations. The Company recognizes that every worker has the right to life and well-being and that everyone has a right and obligation to stop and correct unsafe acts and conditions. Koidu Limited will not tolerate wilful or negligent deviation from safety and health protocols, procedures and standards.

Accordingly, Koidu Limited will:

  • Comply with all applicable host country laws, regulations and directives.
  • Implement appropriate industry best practices.
  • Incorporate the International Finance Corporation Mining and Environmental Health and Safety General Guidelines in its policies and actions.
  • Ensure that Koidu Limited' employees and contractors understand, accept and comply with the Safety and Health Policy, protocols, procedures and standards.
  • Ensure that all employees and contractors have the necessary training and equipment to work in a safe manner and in a healthy environment.
  • Institute and maintain a management system for the identification and control of HIV, TB, malaria and typhoid within the workforce.
  • Regularly review and audit safety and health systems, procedures and performance.
  • Implement improvements to the safety and health system as they are identified.